The History of Sentify

How our past enables us to provide a 360-degree offering that includes transformation and change management, culture and leadership strategy, advanced automation and quality assurance.


Founded in 2007 under the name Sentify, we started gaining traction in the early years with one customer saving over $300,000 in delivery costs. Soon after we had 4 staff working across a Wellington customer base focusing on elevating businesses by removing waste from the software delivery process.

Strategic Partnership

In 2012, we established a strategic partnership with US-based company, Parasoft, resulting in the company’s first Australian-based business activities. Within a year, we had over a dozen Australian customers, 15 staff members and a Practice Manager. Sentify then grew to establish its Australian entity in 2013 and in 2014 a multi-year deal with Vodafone New Zealand signalled the company’s entry into Managed Support services.

Organizational Culture

2017 inspired a new focus on organizational culture, and leadership as a key enabler to optimize delivery. The following year we started partnering with GitLab and Atlassian providing a platform for organizations to deliver work collaboratively.

Diverse Growing Team

By the end of 2018, the company had a diverse group of 60 passionate staff facilitating organizational change, mentoring leaders and promoting cohesion within teams.

Business Model Pivot

A major pivot in 2019 saw us moving the business model from the outer edges of advisory, facilitation and assurance services into software delivery and Cloud management.

In late 2019 an administration and governance structure was put in place to support a growing workforce of 85 staff who were passionately committed to regional growth and expanding the company’s customer-centric services. Practices were also put in place to organize the breadth of capability established and help customers understand the range of services being provided. Communities were also adopted internally to mentor staff and foster collaboration.

Global Expansion

In 2020, with organizations worldwide becoming more digitally mature and receptive to remote working, our business has expanded into Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and New York and we now have offices led by regional managers in Brisbane, Canberra, Wellington, London and New York.

Dawning of a New Era

This expansion has seen the dawning of a new era for our company as a management consulting and technology expense company. As we move into a more comprehensive offering that sees us immersing ourselves in an organization’s systems, leadership and culture to ensure measurable success, we felt it appropriate to embrace the new name, Sentify.

Our 360-degree offering includes transformation and change management, culture and leadership strategy, advanced automation and quality assurance.